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We created the worlds most user friendly badge and patch designer.

Now you can simply design and easily order perfect custom badges and custom patches for your organization or agency. Your staff will be happier, look more professional and take pride in their work.

Elevate Your Brand and Style with Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are a timeless and effective way to enhance the visual appeal of any garment, accessory, or promotional item. These patches are not just decorative; they serve as a powerful branding tool, a symbol of affiliation, and a means to convey messages or celebrate achievements. Here we will delve into the benefits of incorporating embroidered patches into your branding strategy or personal collection, highlighting their role in enhancing brand recognition, offering customizability, ensuring durability, promoting team spirit, and providing cost efficiency.

Enhancing Brand Recognition
Embroidered patches are excellent for increasing brand visibility and recognition. With their high-quality appearance and detailed designs, these patches can be incorporated into employee uniforms, corporate giveaways, or merchandise, making your brand logo or slogan instantly recognizable. Whether attached to jackets, hats, or bags, embroidered patches make a statement and leave a lasting impression, helping businesses stand out in a crowded marketplace. This visual appeal is crucial for attracting and retaining customers' attention.

Offering Customizability and Versatility
One of the key advantages of embroidered patches is their immense customizability. They can be designed in any shape, size, or color, allowing for complete creative control to perfectly match your branding requirements or personal style. This versatility makes embroidered patches suitable for a wide variety of applications, from fashion to corporate branding and everything in between. Whether you need a patch for a sports team, a nonprofit organization, or a special event, the ability to customize every aspect of the patch ensures it will meet your specific needs and expectations.

Ensuring Durability and Quality
Embroidered patches are known for their durability and long-lasting quality. Made with sturdy fabrics and dense stitching, these patches are designed to withstand the rigors of daily wear and frequent washing without losing their appeal. This makes them particularly suitable for work uniforms, military garments, and other apparel that faces tough conditions. Choosing embroidered patches means investing in a product that will maintain its look and integrity over time, providing good value for money.

Promoting Team Spirit and Cohesion
Embroidered patches play a significant role in promoting team spirit and cohesion. For organizations such as sports teams, military units, or school groups, these patches symbolize membership and shared identity. Wearing a uniform adorned with a common embroidered patch can strengthen the sense of unity among members and boost morale, fostering a collective commitment to the team’s goals and values. This aspect of embroidered patches is invaluable in building a strong and cohesive group.

Providing Cost Efficiency
Embroidered patches are a cost-effective branding solution. Compared to other forms of branding, such as direct embroidery or screen printing on garments, patches are less expensive to produce and can be ordered in bulk, reducing the overall cost. Additionally, they can be easily removed or replaced, allowing for the reuse of the underlying garments with new patches as branding or design needs evolve. This flexibility can lead to significant savings over time, especially for organizations that frequently update their branding or personnel.

Embroidered patches offer a unique combination of style, functionality, and cost efficiency, making them an essential element for anyone looking to enhance their branding or personal expression. With the ability to fully customize designs, along with the durability and versatility they provide, embroidered patches are an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. Whether you aim to boost brand visibility, foster team unity, or simply add a touch of personal style to your wardrobe, embroidered patches provide an effective and affordable solution.
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We created the worlds most user friendly patch designer
We are trusted by over 5,000 organizations world wide
We produce over 40,000 perfect patches every month

Online Embroidery Patch Designer Tool

Designing Custom Patch

Simply choose the design and size of your patch, then add your own text and logo to make it your own. Our easy-to-use platform makes it simple to tweak the colors, quantity, and get pricing instantly!  You can effortlessly personalize your PVC patches, iron-on patches, and more, ensuring that your style and logo are impeccably showcased. 

Get Live Instant Prices

Discover the thrill of receiving real-time pricing by simply tweaking the number of your patches in the patch designer. Watch the price drop as you add more patches, with an incredible 50% - 80% in average savings. Say goodbye to setup fees and design charges, start with a low minimum order of just 10 custom made patches. Instant online free quotes.

Live Online Support

Don't hesitate to reach out to our live online chat support team for any assistance with creating a patch, adding your logo, pricing, or production time. They are available to help you 7 days a week! We're here to guide you through the process and make sure you get exactly what you need. Ask them about free shipping. 

What Are The Different Types Patches

Twill Patch

Twill patches are a popular choice, with 30-75% of the design embroidery coverage to make the details stand out. The texture remains visible, enhancing the patch's overall appearance. Ideal for all types of uniforms.

100% Embroidered Patch

A 100% embroidered patch has complete coverage with threads, with no visible fabric background. This results in a more intricate and heavier design, making it best suited for jackets, shirts, and hats.

100% Woven Patch

Designs with fine details or small lettering that may not translate well in embroidery, woven stitch patches are a viable option. Ideal for complex designs, which effectively showcase small details.

100% Printed Patch

Printed patches offer vibrant and highly detailed designs with virtually unlimited color options, they can recreate realistic, photographic-like images. Ideal for designs with intricate details, pictures, and text that traditional embroidered patches cannot achieve.

Selecting Patch Sizes

Shoulder Patches

The go-to patches for law enforcement officers. With range of sizes from 3" to 6" to make sure we can fit in all the embroidery details. Get ready to customize your uniform with the perfect patch! 

Badge Patches

Elevate your law enforcement uniform with customized patches designed to replicate the look of a real badge and come in sizes ranging from 3" to 5", allowing for intricate stitch details. 

Hat Patches

Get excited about hat patches! These patches have lower stitch details, making them perfect for hats and beanies with a height limit of 2.5". Add these patches to your head wear and show off your style! 

Custom Patch Backing Options

Iron On Patches Backing

Easily attach the patch to your garment with just an iron! It's a quick and simple process. We recommend using an iron on backing for patches, as you have the option to sew them on as well. 

Plastic Backing

Enhance your patches with a durable plastic backing to give them that extra support they need. This means they'll keep their shape even with constant use, so you can work confidently!

Sticker Backing

A convenient and easily removable adhesive backing for your uniform? This versatile option is less permanent than others, making it perfect for quick and hassle-free use. Remove and wear again!

Velcro Backing

The velcro backing also known as hook and loop, allows for more versatility in where you can place your patch. This is a must-have feature especially helpful for law enforcement officers.

Step-by-Step Guide to Ordering Custom Embroidered Patch

Select Your Patch Style

Explore our wide selection of over 8,000 custom shapes for embroidery patches and discover the ideal style for your patch. With so many options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect look for your organization. Make your patch with your custom logo!

Design Your Patch

Let's walk through the process in the patch designer. Input your text, select your text color, determine the embroidery coverage, upload your logo, and give it a final review before hitting that "add to cart" button. Let's make sure your quality patches look perfect! 

Adjust Quantity and Pay

Adjust patch quantity for the most competitive prices, and when you're prepared, complete your order. Pay with a credit card or pay later with Affirm. We accept purchase orders from government and law enforcement agencies. Expect high quality patches with a fast turnaround time. 

Personalized Embroidered Patches with Your Logo

Whether it's for agency, personal use, branding, or team insignia, every custom patch is made with the utmost attention to detail.

Designing a custom seal was such a complicated process, Owl Badges made it simple forever.

Design the perfect seal with your organization logo and unique tagline. Apply seal to any badge or patch style to create the perfect look for your organization. With our personalized embroidered patches, you have the freedom to create patches that reflect your unique style and message.

Thousands of seals for every city, state and industry in America.

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